5 Underrated Burger Toppings to Consider

5 Underrated Burger Toppings to Consider

The weather is warming up, which means people are getting outside and firing up the grills! For many, it can be the classic hot dog and hamburger combo, while others might get daring and go for some wings or corn. However, if you’re one who prefers the traditional grill options, there are still ways you can put a new spin to make your burger a bit more interesting.

So if you are feeling daring this spring and summer, here are 5 out of the box toppings to consider:

1. Cut Some Pineapple

Now the debate if pineapple goes on pizza has been one that has been going on for what seems like forever, but what about pineapple and burgers? We know that sounds like an odd combo, but a little salty and sweet can bring your grilling to the next level.

2. Consider Potatoes on Top

Often a side dish, a few fries, or a few crispy potato chips can give you a nice boost of flavor, salt, and a bit of a crunch.

3. Carb Load it

You might be the classic cheeseburger type, but what about adding a few carbs into the mix? Often a popular side dish, adding mac and cheese to your burger, can give you that cheat day meal you’ve been dreaming off all week.

4.Spice Up Your Bacon

A bacon cheeseburger is a classic and delicious choice, but try baking your bacon with a bit of maple syrup. The sweet crispy flavor will take your grilling meal up a notch, for sure! 

5. Go Nuts

This one might seem out the box, but trust us, it’s the flavor combo you didn’t know you need in your life. The next time you go to top your burger bun with condiments, skip the ketchup and go for the peanut butter. We promise it won’t disappoint. 

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