5 Menu Items To Steer Clear Of On Valentine’s Day

5 Menu Items To Steer Clear Of On Valentine’s Day

You’ll Be Better Off Not Ordering These Items During Valentine’s Day Dinner

Whether you’re kicking off a brand new relationship or spending the night with a significant other of several years or decades, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants. No matter where you choose to dine, whether it’s a new restaurant in town or a local staple in the community, we suggest staying away from these items on the menu. Trust us when we tell you your stomach and your partner will thank you later!

1 – Oysters

Those thoughts you have that oysters are an aphrodisiac are in fact, a myth as there is no true evidence to support the idea. On top of that, oysters are major carriers of foodborne illnesses and are linked to roughly 80,000 cases each year.

2 – Steak

We know, this one might be hard to digest, literally and figuratively. Marbled, red meat doesn’t always go down so easily and it causes stomach grumbling and possibly even a few trips to the restroom. While it might be tempting, you may want to opt for a different protein option this Valentine’s Day.

3 – Garlic & Onions

Aside from the inevitable bad breath that comes along with these pungent vegetables, garlic and onions are also known to cause an upset stomach. Even if your partner can deal with it if you dive in for a kiss, your belly might not feel the same way!

4 – Soup

While you may be thinking soup is generally a safe option, the person next to you or across from you at the table might not think it’s so “hot” when you’re slurping away. Soup also usually contains extremely high levels of sodium which isn’t great for your heart or your waistline. 

5 – Almonds

Here’s another one that might surprise you because nuts are generally pretty healthy, right? Well, what you might not know is that almonds are high in magnesium and tryptophan which slow down muscle and nerve functions which is what happens right before you nod off to sleep.

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