The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Summer Wedding Venue

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Warm weather. Tanned Skin. Great vibes. There’s no downside to having your wedding in the summer, right? Well, not so fast. There are lots of things to consider when it comes to throwing a wedding this time of year - especially when it’s time to look for a venue. See below as we uncover some of the things couples tend to forget about:

  • Look for an Indoor-Outdoor venue if possible. Why? Well, while we consider the weather to be nice most of the summer, the season is known to have some severe storms. In addition to rain, lightning and thunder, air conditioning is key especially on hot, humid days.
  • Cold water is key. Whether your guests like to indulge in their favorite adult beverages or not, staying hydrated is vital. We recommend serving plenty of ice water with slices of lemon, lime or orange. Pro Tip: coordinate the garnish with your wedding colors.
  • Don’t overlook the seating arrangements. If your wedding will be taking place primarily outside, remember that metal chairs tend to attract and hold lots of heat. You know what that means - burnt butts! Ask the venue if they can provide seat cushions or fabric covers for chairs that will be placed in direct sunlight.
  • Keep uninvited guests away. We’re talking bugs and other pests that make their homes the outdoors. Ask the venue if tiki torches are appropriate and provide bug spray for those in attendance.
  • Put some thought into the cuisine. Heavy, hot foods may not be your best choice. We recommend serving lighter fare that includes local produce, and colder options like salad, sushi, and frozen cocktails.

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