The Latest Summer Craze: Grilled Cocktails

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It’s time to start grilling your cocktails. Yes, you read that correctly - grilled cocktails. It’s time to take two summer staples, grilling and cocktails, and put them together. Trust us when we tell you you won’t be disappointed.

So, how does one grill a cocktail? It’s actually quite simple. There’s just one rule: you can grill almost anything that isn’t booze, or the ice or the cup for that matter.

  • Start by firing up the grill and making sure it’s hot. If you’re using charcoal, you’ll want the coals to be hot and gray, but not flaming. Flames can cause the ingredients to become too charred or even burnt and you don’t want that!
  • Then, use long tongs to handle your whole citrus halves, sweet pineapple rounds, slices or serrano pepper, grapefruit wedges, or slices of watermelon. You may even want to throw on a heavy duty grill glove to pick up and take the ingredients off the grill.
  • Once the food is ready to be taken off the grill, you have some options. You can muddle it directly into your drink, use it as a garnish or use it to infuse simple syrups for a subtle flavor.
  • You can even take it to the next level by throwing it into a smoke box to add a smoky flavor. We recommend this step if your cocktail calls for herbs or berries.
  • Finally, add ice, your booze of choice and a mixer. Then sit back, relax and enjoy everything summer has to offer!

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