Gluten-Free Wedding Menu Ideas

Now that you’re engaged, you’ve got no time to waste. Your big day will be here before you know it and you’ve got lots of planning to do. We’re sure you’ve been a guest at an event where it was difficult to find something to eat, especially if you have an allergy. Well, you don’t want your friends and family members to have that same feeling, right? See below for some wedding menu ideas that will provide your gluten-free guests with plenty of tasty options:


  • Smoked Trout and cucumber bites
  • Artichoke and Feta dip
  • Chicken Satay skewers
  • Asian chicken lettuce wraps
  • Bacon-wrapped figs

Cold Buffet

  • Spinach and ricotta frittatas
  • Rice paper avocado rolls
  • Watermelon with feta and mint
  • Pesto pasta salad with Greek yogurt dressing
  • Quinoa salad

Hot Buffet

  • Tuscan chicken with fingerling potatoes
  • Vegetable risotto parmesan
  • Spiced meatballs with tomato relish
  • Seared beef skewers
  • Salmon with capers in a lemon-butter sauce


  • Chocolate pudding pots
  • Chocolate covered espresso meringues
  • Maple baked apples
  • Mango coconut rings
  • Grilled peach sundaes

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