A New Twist On The Hot Dog

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Maybe you’re sick of the standard dirty water dog or maybe you’ve decided to stop eating hot dogs altogether. Well, July is National Hot Dog Month and we’ve got a few gourmet dog recipes that just might spark some interest. Trust us when we tell you these hot dogs will be nothing like what you’re used to:

Banh Mi Dog

That’s right - it’s time to add a Vietnamese twist to your hot dog. Add some spicy mayo, sliced cucumber and shredded carrots and top with fresh mint leaves. Mouth watering yet?

Nacho Dog

You know how much you love that tower of nachos at your favorite restaurant piled high with gooey cheese, onions, avocado and jalapeno? Take the same ingredients and slap them on top of a hot dog between a grilled potato bun.

Pretzel Bun Dogs

If the plain white bun isn’t doing it for you anymore, we highly recommend trading it in for a buttery pretzel bun. Then top it with beer cheese and honey mustard if you wish.

Cubano Dog

Enjoy the classic Cuban sandwich? Why not add a slice of ham, swiss cheese, pickles and spicy mustard to your hot dogs?

Pizza Dog

Everybody loves pizza, right? Take the classic ingredients - marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and basil - and throw it all right on top of your hot dog for an Italian-American mash up.

Salty Dog

Not getting enough flavor? We’ve got a solution. Try mustard, pickle slices and bacon crumbles. We bet that’ll do the trick!

We’d love to hear your feedback on any of the gourmet dogs above. Feel free to let us know how they came out by leaving us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

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