7 Hacks For Saving Money on Your Wedding

Your wedding day is coming up fast and you’re just now starting to realize how expensive getting married actually is. But before you start breathing into a brown paper bag, we’re here to let you know there are lots of ways you can save. After all, a little thriftiness and a little resourcefulness go a long way.

1. You don’t necessarily need a pro to do your hair and makeup. You can ask reputable beauty schools to recommend students who are looking to gain some experience. They’ll likely be willing to go the extra mile to show off their talent at a fraction of the cost.

2. Do you really need that designer gown? Trust us when we tell you there are hundreds of thousands of dresses out there that will definitely fit into your budget.

3. Depending on the time of year, you might be able to go outside and gather gorgeous flowers that look luscious and full without spending a fortune on flowers from a florist.

4. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on paper and postage, have your guests RSVP online. Wedding websites are the perfect alternative.

5. Consider a morning wedding. Most of the time, breakfast foods are much less expensive than fancy dinner cuisine.

6. Have friends or family members with special talents? You may want to consider having them sing, play in the band, DJ, or bake a cake instead of searching around for professionals.

7. Your honeymoon doesn’t necessarily have to immediately follow the wedding. Planning a trip in the “off-season” is a great way to enjoy an affordable stay and extra peace and quiet.

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