7 Creative Ways to Design Your Wedding Seating Chart

The days of simply placing a name tag on a table are history. When it comes to your wedding, even the smallest details matter and your seating chart shouldn’t be pushed to the back burner. Point your guests in the right direction by using these creative seating chart ideas:

1. Floral Easel: for those who still want to go with a bit more of a traditional vibe, you can always opt for a classic board propped up on an easel. But you can let your creative side shine by decorating the board and/or the easel with fresh florals.

2. Bike Wheel: have an old bicycle wheel lying around? Create oversized labels with table assignments and attach them to the spokes. You can also add florals to the outer rim to add a touch of elegance.

3. Board Games: have a hankering for board games? Implement your favorite hobby into your wedding day by creating a game-themed backdrop for the table plan.

4. Science: what better way to make use of the Periodic Table than by using it as a template for your seating chart? Group your guests by table and have them find their initials!

5. Mirrors: don’t throw out that old mirror, save it for your wedding day! You can handwrite the names of your guests grouping them by table, or you can tape printed versions to the glass instead.

6. Chalkboard: having a tropical-themed wedding? Decorate a chalkboard with colorful island flowers. You can even add a string of lights if you please!

7. World Map: do you and your spouse love to travel? Cut out a few of the countries you’ve visited and use them to direct your guests to their tables.

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