7 Breathtaking Spring Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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There aren’t too many things more romantic than blooming flowers and trees and warm weather settling in. With that said, spring is the perfect time of year to get married as it holds lots of promise and signs of great things to come. So, to match the theme of the season, we’ve picked out 7 breathtaking centerpieces for your spring wedding:

Vintage Tins: if you or anyone in your family has retro graphic tea tins, get a hold of them (as long as the owner doesn’t mind). Most of them have gorgeous designs and are painted with bright colors so they make for lovely spring centerpieces. It’ll also show off some vintage charm.

Wooden Tool Boxes: spring is the time of year most homeowners associate with home improvement projects. While toolboxes can be your best friend when it’s time to get work done around the house, they also make great flower vessels.

Mason Jars: it seems like you can use mason jars for just about anything these days - and centerpieces are no exception. If you already have them around the house, great. If not, you can purchase them from a variety of local retail establishments and they definitely won’t break the bank.

Berry Baskets: don’t throw out the baskets from your fresh fruits this season. Hang onto them and use them to store flowers. They’re perfect for small bunches.

Wine Bottles: have you and your friends consumed quite a few bottles of wine celebrating your engagement? Save the bottles!

Picnic Baskets: what’s better than a picnic during a beautiful spring day? Not much if you ask us! Well, you can bring that same feeling to your wedding day by using picnic baskets for the centerpiece.

Repurposed Pitchers: what reminds you of your childhood spring days? Iced tea and lemonade ring a bell? Use this theme to repurpose pitchers to display fresh blooms.

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