3 Cocktails You Should Be Drinking on St. Patty's Day

Crowded Irish bars not quite your style? We don’t blame you - but that’s likely what you’ll find any time you venture out on St. Patrick’s Day. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to walk into an Irish bar and partake in the shenanigans to enjoy a few cocktails on the day of the Feast of St. Patrick. You can enjoy these Dublin-inspired cocktails in your very own home instead:

Green Fizz

Start with a large pot and add sugar, lime zest and water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Stir the ingredients around as the water heats. Then strain the liquid into a mason jar and set aside. In a blender, blend creme de menthe, gin, lime simple syrup and lemon juice. In a shaker cup, crack a whole egg, add the blended mixture and shake well. Pour into rocks glass or champagne flute and top off with a splash of club soda. Garnish with lime, serve and enjoy!

Sake-Cucumber Tini

Slice cucumber thin. Add to blender along with with a cup of water. Blend until smooth. Then strain the mixture into a large pitcher and pour into ice tray. Freeze ice cubes overnight, or until solid. In a shot glass, combine sake and vodka. Shake over ice and pour into a martini glass. Add cucumber ice cubes and garnish with a slice of fresh cucumber.

Dublin Iced Coffee

For those who need a bit of a kick, this is the drink for you! Brew a pot of coffee and let it cool. Then add coffee, a shot of stout, and a shot of Irish whiskey into a pitcher. Pour over ice and top with heavy cream. It’s never too early for a Dublin Iced Coffee!

For those of you enjoying everything St. Patrick’s Day has to offer, please do so responsibly!

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