5 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

“You are more beautiful than Cinderella! You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!” If you weren’t able to name that movie right away, it’s from Bridesmaids, and we hope your best friends treat you this well on your big day. With the DIY gift ideas below, we can almost guarantee they’ll be showering you with compliments.

1. Custom Coffee Mugs: let’s face it, you and your friends are… Read More

Food & Wine Pairing Guide: Winter Edition

It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm up with a plate full of food and glass of wine! We all know that you should only eat certain foods with white wines and the same goes for reds, but we’re going to take a step further today by letting you in on some of our favorite winter dishes. So, grab a bottle, grab a glass, grab a fork and let’s dig right in!

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4 Simple Ways To Save For Your Wedding

Congratulations on tying the knot! You’ve been waiting for this day your whole life and now that all is said and done, you’ve got lots of planning ahead of you. Trust us when we tell you that it’s all too easy to watch hundreds or even thousands of dollars fly right out the window when it comes to planning for the big day. But with the simple tips below, you can keep… Read More

DIY Winter Wedding Ideas

Why wait til summer when you can celebrate your special day in a winter wonderland? Whether you prefer snowy scenes or earthy evergreens, there’s plenty of themes for your winter wedding. And to top it all off, you can utilize a cool color palette and seasonal textures to make your guests feel warm and cozy! Check out a few of these DIY winter wedding decor ideas to take the best day of… Read More

Holiday Pairings For Simple Snacking & Easy Appetizers

What’s your favorite part about the holiday season? Is it the beautifully decorated houses? Is it taking some time off from work? For us, it’s spending lots of time with close friends and family members filling our bellies up with all sorts of culinary delights!

This year, treat your holiday guests to simple snacks and mouth-watering appetizers and desserts with these savory recipes from Stacy’s Snacks and the James Beard Foundation:

Toasted… Read More

Super Cool Gadgets For The Foodies In Your Life

These days, it seems like everybody considers themselves to be foodies and let’s face it - who doesn’t love to chow down on delicious cuisine. This holiday season, treat the special foodie in your life to something other than a gift card to a local restaurant and excite them with food gadgets they’ll actually get lots of use out of. See below for a few ideas:

Watermelon Slicer: sure, watermelons may not… Read More

#FoodieFriday Christmas Day App & Dinner Recipes

Your kids get up at the crack of dawn to open presents. You normally find yourself spending the rest of the morning cleaning up wrapping paper from all over the living room and you spend the afternoon slaving over the stove to get the appetizers and dinner prepared for your guests. Well, we’re going to take a bit of the chaos out of Christmas Day by providing you with a few stellar… Read More

Holiday Cocktail Party Menu

‘Tis the season to have your calendar booked with holiday fun events. Enjoy this festive time by celebrating with family, friends, and coworkers alike. Are you looking to host a holiday party and are in need of a food caterer? The professionals at David’s Soundview Catering can help you create one of the most memorable events of the year for you and your guests.

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4 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas

Everyone knows you’re going to be serving turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner - and you might even treat your guests to a sweet, homemade cranberry sauce. But when it comes to the appetizers, what do you have on the menu? Skip the cheese and crackers and try these quick, easy and tasty recipes instead:

Roasted Beet Dip

Not only does this dip taste delicious, it’ll add some festive fall… Read More

Pro Tip: Make Your Thanksgiving Gravy In Advance

You’ve got enough to worry about this week - between shopping for all of the food items for the big feast, making sure the house is cleaned and finding a place for all of the relatives to sleep we know how stressful the holidays can be. So, why sit and wonder if the last-minute gravy you’re going to make with drippings will actually be all it can be? We’re going to let you in on… Read More