Top Food Picks For Your Summer Wedding

If somebody asked you to name the first two food categories you think of when you hear the word “summer,” what comes to mind? We’re going to guess seafood and barbecue and let’s face it, we’re probably not far off. Believe it or not, you don’t need to “stick to the script” when it comes to wedding cuisine - so why not incorporate a clambake or classic American cookout items into the menu?

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Top Honeymoon Destinations of 2017

You said “Yes!” You nailed down the wedding venue and the caterer. You even started sending out the invitations. Now it’s time to start thinking about your honeymoon - you know, that romantic vacation you take immediately after the wedding. You could spend days upon days searching for the perfect location, or you could take our word for it as we hash out some of the top honeymoon destinations of 2017, below:

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Summer Wedding Venue

Warm weather. Tanned Skin. Great vibes. There’s no downside to having your wedding in the summer, right? Well, not so fast. There are lots of things to consider when it comes to throwing a wedding this time of year - especially when it’s time to look for a venue. See below as we uncover some of the things couples tend to forget about:

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A New Twist On The Hot Dog

Maybe you’re sick of the standard dirty water dog or maybe you’ve decided to stop eating hot dogs altogether. Well, July is National Hot Dog Month and we’ve got a few gourmet dog recipes that just might spark some interest. Trust us when we tell you these hot dogs will be nothing like what you’re used to:

Banh Mi Dog

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Why You Need To Be Cooking With Salt Blocks

Have you heard about one of the latest crazes in the culinary world - cooking with Himalayan salt blocks? Why would you want to cook with a large block of salt? The answer is quite simple. It will take your food to a whole new level - one that will leave your taste buds in awe.

What is a Himalayan Salt Block?

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The Latest Summer Craze: Grilled Cocktails

It’s time to start grilling your cocktails. Yes, you read that correctly - grilled cocktails. It’s time to take two summer staples, grilling and cocktails, and put them together. Trust us when we tell you you won’t be disappointed.

So, how does one grill a cocktail? It’s actually quite simple. There’s just one rule: you can grill almost anything that isn’t booze, or the ice or the cup for that matter.

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How To Handle Your Wedding Guests' Dietary Restrictions

You want each and every one of your guests to have a magnificent time at your wedding, right? After all, it should be a goal of yours to make them feel comfortable enough to let loose and thoroughly enjoy the party for a few hours. But that may not be the case if they're scavenging the menu or buffet table looking for something they can actually eat. That’s why it’s vital to consider… Read More

5 Reasons Your Company Needs A Party This Summer

If you ask us, there’s no bad time to have a party and if you need an excuse we’d be more than happy to help you find one! But, when all's said and done, there are certain reasons that fill the void better than others. See below to find out why your company needs to throw a party this summer:

1. Keep Morale High: as soon as the weather starts to warm… Read More

Who Said Cooking Was Only For Adults?

Consider yourself a culinary connoisseur? Why not spread the love with your children? There’s no reason they can’t help you prepare for your next dinner party, backyard gathering or holiday feast! As school comes to a close throughout Connecticut, children of all ages will be looking forward to their next adventure. Why not sign them up for a cooking class or camp this summer?

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5 Foods You MUST Grill This Memorial Day Weekend

What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend? After all, it is the unofficial start to summer so why not spend it grilling in your backyard? Here’s a few of our favorite recipes and we can assure you, your guests will say the same!

Jumbo Shrimp Kebobs: season with olive oil, fresh garlic and Old Bay seasoning.

Filet Mignon: this cut is so perfect you don’t need to do much to it… Read More