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Best Breakfast Items For A Big Meeting

You’ve got a big corporate meeting coming up and you really want to impress the attendees. Well, one of the first impressions you can make is where they’re going to head before they even start thinking about the objective of the meeting - and that’s the breakfast spread. Sure, assorted bagels, muffins and danishes will give them something to put in their stomachs but it’s probably not going to have them saying things like “have… Read More

5 Ways To Make Your Employees LOVE Coming To Work

It’s not easy to get somebody to love their job - after all, it is “work.” But we all know the better the work environment, the more your employees will actually like coming into the office. No, we’re not telling you to make drastic changes like giving everyone unlimited vacation time or having dedicated sections of the office for nap time. These five things are quite easy to implement and they can make a WORLD… Read More

5 Delicious Dinners You Can Make in 45 Minutes or Less

It’s time to prepare a few meals your significant other will swoon over, don’t you think? Just imagine what they’ll say when they arrive home after a long day’s work to find a delicious, warm meal waiting for them. But you don’t have time to prep and cook a five-star meal because you spend all day at work too, right? Well, we’ve got a solution! All of the dishes below can be made in 30… Read More

These Pies Are Best Served Warm

Is there anything better than coming home from work on a frigid winter day, starting a fire, and putting your feet up on the couch? Yes, there is something better as a matter of fact. It’s enjoying all of the above with a slice of delicious pie on your plate. After all, most of us consider dessert to the best meal of the day, so why not treat yourself to one of the delicious recipes… Read More

Winter Food Events Happening Near CT

Just because temperatures might be below freezing outside doesn’t mean you need to stay inside! There are plenty of delicious food and drink events taking place in Connecticut and areas nearby that are definitely worth heading out for. We’ve put together a short list below of a few worthwhile events happening this weekend:

Bear Mountain & Mill House Brewing Beer Pairing

If you enjoy food and you enjoy beer, it doesn’t get… Read More

What To Plan First For Your Wedding

Now that you’re engaged, take time to celebrate! But we don’t recommend celebrating for too long because the earlier you start planning for the big day, the better. While it’s not vital to plan every aspect of the wedding during the very first few months of being engaged, there are certainly things you’ll want to think about right away. See below for five things to start planning right now for your wedding in 2018.

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4 Mistakes You're Going To Make At The Grocery Store During The Holidays

Whether you volunteered to host this year or you’re heading across town to a relative’s house, chances are you’re going to need to stop at a local grocery store at some point in time during the holiday season. We all know how much of a nightmare food stores can be during this exciting time of year, but if you’re in on a few pro tips, it can make your experience much more bearable. After all,… Read More

Four Last-Minute Wedding Details You Can't Forget

Your wedding is just a few days away, but now is not the time to put a halt on the planning and preparing. Trust us when we tell you it’ll all be worth it when you’re on your honeymoon reflecting back on how amazing the day was and how smooth everything went. See below for a list of small, but crucial details you definitely can’t forget about:

Give Your Vendors A… Read More

Festive Ways To Set The Table For Thanksgiving

Sure, most of us will give the trophy to the Turkey when it comes to the most important thing on the table, but let’s not downplay the rest of the items. What do we mean by this? We mean that putting a little bit of thought and creativity into setting the table can really go a long way. See below for a few festive ideas that will take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level:

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The Great Debate: Should You Fry or Roast Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

It’s been a popular topic of debate for years - are deep fried turkeys better than traditional roasted turkeys? The answer is rather complex and of course, it depends on a great deal of factors including personal preference. But with Turkey Day just about a week away, we’re going to let you in on a few pro secrets: once you fry a turkey, you may never eat it any other way.

The… Read More